Continuous Profiling for Python Applications

Python profiling

Performance is one of the most common and important metrics of any serious application, and Python code bases are no exception. Performance directly affects user experience and maintenance costs, influencing revenue. Testing and profiling Python code before deployment helps to reveal obvious flaws, whereas investigating incidents after they happen is just firefighting. But how can […]

Continuous Profiling for Scala Applications

scala application example

CPU profiling is not a new concept and has been around for decades. However, with advancements in profiling techniques and a push towards observability, profiling is today seeing a steady rise in adoption.  Profiling helps you understand code-level performance and optimize the resource-consuming parts of your code. You can also profile your application to perform […]

The Scale Trap: How We Reduced CPU Utilization by 80%

the scale trap

This is a transcript of The Scale Trap: How We Reduced Our CPU Utilization from 80% to 15% from DeveloperWeek Cloud. You can find the full video here. Hey everyone, and thanks for joining my session. My name is Ezequiel Nulman, and I’m the R&D Team Lead here at Granulate. Happy to connect with you […]

Low overhead Python application profiling using eBPF

python application profiling

This is a transcript of Low Overhead Python Application Profiling using eBPF. You can find the full video here. Meet Yonatan Goldschmidt About me: My name is Yonatan Goldschmidt. I have six years of experience as an R&D specialist in the IDF. I like everything about computers and software, and today I’m a Team Lead […]